TileRec Slim Voice Recorder


The TileRec Slim Voice Recorder by Atto Digital is the thinnest voice-activated recorder designed to fit into a wallet, pocket, or purse. It offers 145 hours of recording capacity and 24 hours of battery life, taking only 2 hours for a full recharge.

With a voice activation sensor, the device can be used to record interviews, conferences, or meetings, and it offers 128 kbps CD quality MP3 recording. The TileRec is made with a sturdy aluminum alloy case to ensure durability and weighs only 0.52 oz with only one button to turn it on and off.

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Brand: Atto Digital

Internal storage: 145 hours

Storage included: 8 GB

Battery capacity while active: 24 hours

Charging duration: 2 hours

Amazon customer rating: 4.0


TileRec Slim Voice Recorder by Atto Digital is one of the world’s slimmest voice activated recorders, designed to fit into your daily routine effortlessly. Measuring only 1/4 inch in thickness and 1.6 inches in length, the TileRec recorder fits easily in your wallet, pocket or purse. It offers a recording capacity of 145 hours and 24 hours battery life on a full charge. You can recharge it fully in just 2 hours, which makes it convenient to use for your entire day.

The device features a voice activation sensor, which ensures that no word is missed while shuffling through your daily recordings. Additionally, you can enable/disable the LED light when the device is in use. You can use the TileRec in continuous recording mode or to record interviews, conferences or meetings, which makes it suitable for various scenarios. The dictaphone is also built from aluminum alloy, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. It has only one button to turn on and off, and weighs only 0.52 oz, making it a convenient and reliable partner for daily use.

TileRec offers supreme technical support to customers, and the response time is 30 minutes to several hours maximum. It comes with a lifetime support guarantee to ensure that you have made a wise investment in their best quality device. The device records high quality MP3 using a 128 kbps bit rate, which offers CD quality recording. You can choose to set it to record in continuous mode or in voice-activated mode to capture sounds in a 15 feet range (360 degrees).

TileRec is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android operating systems. It can also record while charging, so you never miss any information that matters to you. The device is not only slim and practical, but also efficient, offering speech improvement features to improve tone, speaking cadence, and volume.

TileRec Voice Recorder is suitable for various scenarios, such as recording ideas on the go, recording important information for professional use, or providing peace of mind by monitoring children or pets. It is a portable and valuable voice recorder for those in fields such as law, criminal investigation, and medicine.

The package includes the TileRec voice recorder, USB cable, USB-C adapter, OTG cable, and manual.

With its unique and practical design, 24 hours of battery life, voice activation sensor, and sturdy aluminum casing, the TileRec is a reliable and convenient tool for recording important sounds in your daily life.

Amazon customer rating

This product has been rated with a 4.0/5 score by Amazon customers.

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