Ldcx Wireless RF Item Finders


LDCX Wireless RF Item Finder is an innovative device that helps locate lost items such as keys, wallets, pets, bags, coats, and even people.

It comes with a remote control and four receivers that have a working range of 131ft, and the radio frequency can penetrate through walls, floors, and other obstacles.

The receivers emit a loud beep sound and have LED flashlights, making it easier to locate lost items in the dark.

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Brand: Ldcx


Ldcx Wireless RF Item Finders are the perfect solution for people who tend to misplace their belongings. The set comes with one RF transmitter and four receivers, all equipped with a 131ft (40 meters) working range. With an 85dB remote finder, you can easily locate your keys, wallet, backpacks, remote controllers, laptops, and even pets. You can even use it to track people or vehicles from a short distance.

Using the Ldcx item finder is easy, simply press the related color-coded buttons on the remote control, and the powerful finder tracker radio frequency will penetrate through walls and floors to help you quickly find your items. It has a long-distance tracking feature, making it perfect for locating items in your home or on your property.

The receivers emit a loud sound or beep, guiding you to your lost items. Additionally, the transmitter comes with an LED light that can be turned on/off, making it convenient to use in the dark. The Ldcx key finder uses 4 x CR2032 batteries for the receivers, which are included, and 2 x 1.5v AAA batteries for the transmitter, which are not included.

This key finder is an ideal gift for seniors and forgetful people, with its large press buttons that are easy to use. Included Ldcx item remote locator is perfect for finding any items you often lose.

The Ldcx lost item finder is ideal for children’s school bags, car keys, pets, packages, bags, purses, mobile phones, credit cards, and remote controls. It’s also perfect for the elderly who frequently misplace their belongings. This device can make their lives easier, and they can say goodbye to the stress of losing their keys, TV remotes, bags, or pets. The sound will guide you to your lost items with a range of up to 30 meters away.

Ldcx Wireless RF Item Finders are an essential tool for anyone who has trouble locating their belongings. The set is easy to use and perfect for finding lost items quickly. The device is an excellent investment, making it an ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Say goodbye to lost keys, wallets, remote controls, and pets with the Ldcx Wireless item finder.

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