1. Lens angle preview – get a preview of your camera’s field of view.
  2. Resolutions calculator – calculate video and photo resolution your camera can record based on megapixels.
  3. Data storage calculator – estimate storage space requirements based on video quality settings, resolution, compression format and more.

Why are we building these tools?

Our tools are designed to make your camera buying process easier, and to help you make an informed purchase decision. We are constantly working to provide added value to our visitors and customers, so we hope you will enjoy using our tools and calculators.

We want your feedback

You are also welcome to use our contact form to provide feedback. We will happily consider any suggestions, including changing existing features or implementing new functions.

Tools disclaimer

All our tools are intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. Our tools are merely estimates and actual results can vary. We can’t be held responsible for any potentially inaccurate information provided.

All are tools are provided with an embed code. You are free to use the embed code to add tools to your own website as-is. Keep in mind these are custom-coded tools and our code is under copyright, so any attempts to copy, reverse-engineer or decompile will result in legal action.

Embedding Terms of Use

You are welcome to add our tools to any external website using provided embed code. Tools must be used as-is, and any modifications of code are not permitted.

You should inform your visitors through your privacy policies about the usage of embedded tools. Our tools are loaded directly from our server, and we may internally track basic impression/load data to prevent abuse. Furthermore, visitor data may be tracked by our CDN provider Cloudflare. This service ensures maximum uptime and faster loading. There is currently no way to opt-out of this, so we recommend avoiding the embedding of our tools if you are concerned about giving data to 3rd parties. To comply with your own privacy policy, you may want to consider ensuring our tool’s iframes only load once your visitors accept your privacy policy.

Our tools do not store any user data nor any personally identifiable information.

Using and/or embedding our tools is also governed and constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Tool FAQs

Can your tools be added to any website?

Any website where you can edit simple HTML code can add our tools. Embed code is a simple “iframe” which can be included into any HTML code.

Are your tools responsive?

Our tools are responsive and will scale with your website layout. You can include width="100%" in the provided iframe code to ensure it fits into any parent container on your website and scales appropriately.
We recommend using minimum 500px width for optimum display. Due to technical restrictions of iframes which are beyond our control, for best results you should set fixed width and height according to your website layout.
You can also use “aspect-ratio” CSS code to manipulate the tool’s height based on width, making it fully adaptable to your website’s layout and visitor’s screen size.

Is there any limit to number of views or page hits?

There are no limits to how many times you can display our tools on your website, and we don’t impose any restrictions on number of visitors or hits. Our tools are also served through a CDN provider to ensure constant uptime and availability. But, we reserve the right to block access to our tools in case of unreasonably excessive or abusive use.

Will adding your tools slow down my website?

“Lazy loading” is included with our iframe embed code. This means the tools will be loaded asynchronously, and therefore will not negatively impact your Google PageSpeed scores. There should be no noticeable impact on page loading speed. Our tools are designed to be lightweight (total sizes are 51 KB for megapixel calculator, 98 KB lens angle tool, and 18 KB data storage estimator).

Can I customize colors for my website?

Currently we do not provide an option to customize colors or other elements for individual websites. Keep in mind our code is under copyright and we do not allow any modifications either. If you wish to suggest a change or a modification you may do so through our contact page.

For any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

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