GeekTale Smart Door Knob


GeekTale Smart Door Knob is a perfect blend of classic style and advanced fingerprint technology, offering three convenient ways to unlock, including fingerprint, app, and key unlock. Its 3D fingerprint sensor can store up to 20 fingerprints, unlocking in just 1 second, providing quick and easy access to your home or office.

The smart Bluetooth lock ensures complete security and can be managed through the app, which allows you to control users, fingerprints, set auto-lock, and view the access record.

The sleek and minimal design of the fingerprint door lock perfectly fits most doors, and installation is easy with a long and thin screwdriver, without the need for extra drilling or a locksmith. With its USB port and Type-C USB for emergency charging, it is powered by 4 AAA batteries and equipped with low battery reminders.

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Introducing the GeekTale Smart Door Knob, a sleek and modern take on the classic door knob that offers three convenient unlocking options: fingerprint, app, and key. With a fast 3D fingerprint sensor that can store up to 20 different fingerprints and unlocks in only one second, this door knob provides easy access for you and your family. Its smart Bluetooth technology allows you to manage all the users and fingerprints through the app, set automatic locking times, and view access records to keep your home secure.

The door knob’s minimalistic design fits most doors with a thickness within 35-55mm, and it can be easily installed with the provided long and thin screwdriver, eliminating the need for extra drilling or hiring a locksmith. Powered by four AAA batteries (not included) with a long battery life and low battery reminder, this door knob is also equipped with a USB port and type C USB for emergency charging.

In addition to its convenient unlocking options, the GeekTale Smart Door Knob also features a Passage Mode button for free access, and a Privacy Mode button that creates a private space with the touch of a button on the app or on the interior door knob. For added security, the door knob comes with two back-up keys in case of power outage.

With the app control, you can manage all aspects of the door knob, including the automatic locking time, checking unlock records to see who entered and when, and managing users’ fingerprints. The door knob’s fingerprint sensor has a fast identification speed of less than 0.1 seconds and a low rejection rate of less than 0.01%, making it highly efficient and accurate.

The GeekTale Smart Door Knob comes in four colors – black, black & gold, stainless steel, and satin nickel – to match any home decor. Additionally, the company offers a worry-free 30-day return policy and 24-hour technical support by email or phone. Upgrade your home security and style with the GeekTale Smart Door Knob.

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