Hidden Camera Placement: Best Ways to Hide Spy Cameras

Hidden Camera Placement

The best thing about hidden cameras is that they already come disguised. A good hidden cam will already look like a commonplace object, which makes it significantly easier to hide them in any environment.

That doesn’t mean you can just put your hidden camera at any place, however. You should always look for ways to blend in a surveillance camera with the environment, and ensure that any object it’s disguised as doesn’t look out of place.

Because of this, we have specific placement categorization for our spy cameras, allowing you to quickly and easily find the perfect hidden camera no matter where you need it.

Hidden Cameras for Living Rooms

Living rooms and living areas in our homes and apartments probably have the most options when it comes to hiding cameras. Living rooms tend to have a wide variety of different objects, and hiding a camera in this room is generally easy.

Here are a few of our favorite hidden cameras for living rooms:

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Hidden Cameras for Bedrooms

A bedroom camera can easily catch any thief off guard. Hiding cameras in bedrooms isn’t commonplace, but there are many disguised spy cameras you can place in your sleeping area which will go unnoticed by even the keenest eye. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites:

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Hidden Cameras for Bathrooms

We won’t get into legality of hidden bathroom cameras again, as we discussed it in length on bathroom hidden cameras page. We always give our customers the benefit of the doubt and we understand there are plenty of legitimate reasons to use bathroom cameras.

That being said, here are several discreet hidden bathroom spy cameras you can use for surveillance of this room. Let’s take a look at some of them:

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Hidden Cameras for Kitchen

Kitchens can be a little bit tricky for hiding cameras. In many homes they can be a mess and contain a variety of objects, but in some homes kitchens can be so clean where everything stands out. Nevertheless, we selected these hidden cams that can find their place in almost any kitchen!

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Hidden Cameras for Offices & Workplaces

Doesn’t matter if it’s your home office or a workplace cubicle, there are plenty of commonplace objects that find themselves on work desks. Below we selected a few fantastically disguised surveillance cameras which won’t raise an eyebrow in any office.

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Hidden Cameras for Hotels

If you’re staying at a hotel or apartment for work or vacation, it’s never a bad idea to keep a closer eye on your belongings. You shouldn’t blindly trust hotel staff or private apartment owners, as they can go through your luggage while you’re away. This can lead to all kinds of situations such as compromised credit card numbers or copying personal documents for identity theft.

To ensure the safety and peace of mind while staying at someone else’s property, we have a few hidden cameras perfectly disguised for keeping an eye on your luggage all day long.

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Hidden Cameras for Vehicles

Things can get a bit tricky in vehicles. Here we need to take special considerations, such as lack of WiFi connectivity, constant motion, and power sources. Not to mention you will be looking for different products for cars, RVs, or even boats. Many typical hidden spy cameras can look out of place in vehicles, meaning this placement often depends on your individual needs and requirements. Take a look at a few hidden cameras for cars and other vehicles below, but don’t forget to view our Vehicle hidden cameras & surveillance page for many more options.

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Hidden Cameras for Public Usage

Whether you’re in a restaurant, coffee shop, or just walking down the street, there are hidden cameras suitable for surveillance of public places.

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You should also take a look at our Outdoor hidden cameras for many more options if you need to record video evidence on the move. Wearable and portable hidden cameras can also further refine your choices.

Alternatively, take a look at Hidden indoor cameras specifically if you need hidden surveillance cameras for indoor usage.

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