SCS AC Outlet Wifi Spy Camera


SCS Enterprises AC Outlet Wifi Spy Camera is a hidden camera disguised as a standard (and functional) wall charger which also has a dual USB charging port. It has a 1.3 MP, 720P, 1/2.8″ sensor that provides a high resolution image, even in low light.

This AC Outlet hidden camera connects to WiFi and is easily accessible through a smartphone or tablet, and the user can control multiple cameras from one app. It also has 16GB of internal memory, and will notify you remotely when it detects motion.

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Brand: SCS Enterprises

Internal storage: 36 hours

Storage included: 16 GB

Lens angle: 90° Preview

Video resolution: 1080p, 720p


SCS Enterprises’ AC Outlet Wifi Spy Camera is a discreet surveillance camera that is hidden in a 3 AC outlet with dual USB charging port wall charger. This camera has superior glass optics with a 90-degree wide-angle and 940nM filter that provides a full view while being discretely hidden.

It also features a 1/2.8″ sensor that allows low light capability and wide-angle view and will focus more sharply on moving objects. The camera is ONVIF compliant and will work with popular NVR and 3rd party software for a PC such as iSpyConnect, AnyCam, Blue Iris, etc.

The camera has a reliable P2P server that allows easy set-up for remote viewing without requiring any network knowledge. It is iPhone, iOS, and Android compatible, and comes with iOS, Android app and PC software. The camera also has an exclusive motion zoning feature that eliminates any false alarms. The camera is equipped with 940nM filter and will be extremely sensitive to invisible 940nM IR lamps for night vision.

This AC Outlet Wifi Spy Camera has a 1080P, 2.0MP, 1/2.8” ultra-low light sensor Wi-Fi that can see better than human eye under low light. It has zone controlled motion detection recording and remote access to recordings, and an internal 16GB SD card memory (36hrs of video w/ loop). The camera has plug-in power for 24/7 operation, and no monthly fee whatsoever and no subscription/registration requirement. However, it does not have audio due, and is not compatible with Mac.

With the SCS Enterprises AC Outlet Wifi Spy Camera, you can watch over your home or business with a smart phone, PC or tablet from anywhere.

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