Ehomful Mini Cop Spy Camera


The Ehomful Mini Cop Spy Camera is a small and portable hidden camera that can be used for home security, monitoring pets, and as a nanny cam. With its compact design, built-in magnet, and rechargeable battery, the camera can be placed almost anywhere.

It features 1080p HD video quality, night vision up to 20 feet in the dark, motion detection, and a time/date stamp for clear-cut proof of when events occurred. The camera is easy to use, with one-touch settings and features, and it can capture footage for up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

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Brand: Ehomful

Battery capacity while active: 90 minutes

Lens angle: 120° Preview

Night vision distance: 20 feet

Video resolution: 1080p


The Ehomful Mini Cop Spy Camera is a small, portable camera that can help improve the security of your home, office or vehicle. This spy camera can record videos and capture photographs in 1920 x 1080p at 30 frames per second, providing a crystal-clear image of everything that happens. The camera has a 120-degree wide lens, which allows you to view a wide area without missing a thing.

With six invisible IR LEDs that can be turned on and off, the camera can capture clear videos in 1080P up to 20 feet away in complete darkness, without any obvious red lights to give away the recording. The camera can also automatically record to a micro SD card when someone moves into its view, thanks to the built-in motion-activation system. The camera is compact, has a built-in magnet, and is powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 90 minutes when unplugged, and can be used while plugged for 24/7 recording.

This tiny spy camera is very easy to operate, with only two buttons to control it. To start taking videos or photos, you can quickly press shoot and go, and to switch between video and photo modes. The camera supports a maximum of 128GB micro SD card (not included) and loop recording. Ehomful’s mini camera has a simple and clean design that makes it easy to fit almost anywhere. It can be hung around the neck with a lanyard, placed in a pocket, or fixed in a hidden location without the need for an internet connection.

Unlike most of the hidden spy cameras we feature, this one isn’t immediately concealed as an everyday object. A little bit of creativity will be required to hide it. Regardless, due to its small size this spy cam can be easily hidden where it’s not immediately noticeable.

This camera is perfect for a range of purposes, such as improving the security of your home, monitoring your pets when you leave them alone, keeping an eye on your nanny and children, or recording your glorious moments. The camera is also great for capturing footage of cops during traffic stops for your safety and security.

Ehomful spy camera is easy to use, and anyone can quickly start using it with minimal direction. With its small size and compact design, the Ehomful Mini Cop Spy Camera is a great choice for all your surveillance needs, making it an excellent security gadget to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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