Balugina Wifi Alarm Clock Bedroom Spy Camera


Balugina 4K Wifi Alarm Clock Bedroom Spy Camera is a multifunctional device that combines an alarm clock and a surveillance camera. It offers a flexible, stable, and fast WiFi connection with both 2.4G and 5G bands. The camera features an enhanced 850nm infra-red lighting that delivers superior surveillance footage at night with 2-3 times better night vision than similar products.

It has a 4K ultra HD camera lens with IR-cut filter that streams high-quality video with accurate color reproduction and a 160-degree wide-angle lens that provides a great view of any indoor environment. The camera is easy to set up and operate with the Tuya Smart app, and it offers motion detection and activity alerts for around the clock home security.

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Brand: Balugina

Battery capacity while active: 3-4 hours

Lens angle: 160° Preview

Video resolution: 4K


Balugina WiFi Alarm Clock Bedroom Spy Camera is a discreet surveillance camera designed to keep your loved ones and property safe. With its 2.4G/5GHz dual-band WiFi connection, you can easily connect it to your home network, providing a stable and faster connection. The camera features a 160-degree wide-angle lens, which provides an expansive and detailed view of the room in 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensuring that you can easily make out faces and people, even from across the room.

The camera’s Super IR Night Vision is another significant advantage, as it uses enhanced 850nm infra-red lighting to deliver superior surveillance footage at night. The camera’s motion detection feature, enabled through the Tuya Smart app, sends instant push notifications to your phone, alerting you of any activity detected by the camera.

The Balugina 4K WiFi Alarm Clock Bedroom Spy Camera is designed to look like a typical alarm clock, making it ideal for home and office surveillance, as well as keeping an eye on your nanny, babysitter, or caregiver. The camera’s dual power supply – battery or AC power – ensures that it can be used for short-term or portable use and for longer-term use, respectively, making it suitable for almost any situation.

This spy cam is easy to set up and operate using the Tuya Smart app, which allows you to view live streaming footage from your camera anywhere, and cloud storage is also available. The camera’s footage can be stored on the MicroSD memory card or in the cloud, including a time and date stamp for later review and clarity.

Balugina 4K WiFi Alarm Clock Bedroom Spy Camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a discreet and versatile surveillance camera that offers high-quality footage, motion detection, and cloud storage. Its dual-band WiFi connection, Super IR Night Vision, and 160-degree wide-angle lens make it an essential tool for keeping your loved ones and property safe.

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