Funscam Water Bottle Spy Camera


The Funscam Water Bottle Spy Camera is a unique surveillance camera designed to look like a regular water bottle. It can record 1080p full HD video and supports motion detection with loop recording. The camera can accommodate a Micro SD card up to 128GB.

The device comes with a built-in 850mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-4 hours when fully charged, and it doesn’t require Wi-Fi to operate.

This water bottle hidden camera is excellent for keeping an eye on your belongings in an office or even gym locker rooms, but buyers should be aware of the legalities of using this type of camera in certain areas where privacy is expected.

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Brand: Funscam

Battery capacity while active: 3-4 hours

Video format: AVIStorage Calculator

Video resolution: 1080p


The Funscam Water Bottle Spy Camera is a unique and discreet way to capture video footage without arousing suspicion. With a 1080P full HD physical resolution, the camera produces clear and stunning imaging that captures actions in detail. The hidden camera supports SD cards up to a capacity of 128GB and comes in a loop video recording mode that automatically deletes the earliest files when the SD card is full. This feature makes it easy to use without the need to constantly delete videos or worry about running out of storage space.

The intelligent nanny camera also comes with advanced motion detection that records Full HD 1080P video when it detects slight movements, minimizing the amount of time the user spends deleting invalid recordings. It does not require WiFi and only needs a Micro SD card up to 128GB to start recording. The device comes with a functional water bottle that is perfect for indoor or outdoor surveillance, making it suitable for use in gyms, locker rooms, pools, or even while working out outside. Buyers should ensure they only use the camera legally, as recording people in places like locker rooms or gyms could result in legal consequences.

The Funscam Water Bottle Spy Camera has a build-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 850mAh, and it works up to 3-4 hours when fully charged. The bottle camera is user-friendly and easy to install without any technical knowledge required. The camera is disguised as a water bottle with a DIY camera inside, so it can be used as a regular water bottle too. The device comes with a USB cable and user manual and does not require any app installation. It records videos to a memory card that can be played back on a computer.

The Funscam Water Bottle Spy Camera is a perfect holiday present for family and friends and a good sport camera for sports enthusiasts. The device is lightweight and portable and can be carried around easily. The device can be used in various settings, such as homes, offices, and even on vacation. Funscam Water Bottle Spy Camera is a must-have gadget for anyone who wants to capture videos in a discreet and covert manner.

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