LeonardCreek Pet GPS Tracker & Locator


The LeonardCreek Pet GPS Tracker is a compact and reliable device that allows you to monitor your animal companion’s whereabouts in real-time. It provides unlimited access to your pet’s location on a map and even lets you follow your pet in real-time.

The tracker is rainproof, lightweight, and has a standby battery life of 8 to 16 hours. It supports geofencing, multicolor alerts, and customizable voice commands, making it easier to locate your pet, even in low light or at night.

Additionally, it has a low battery alarm and a built-in microphone that allows you to listen remotely. The device also provides historical tracking, showing where your pet went and how long they spent there.

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Top features:

Brand: LeonardCreek

Battery capacity while active: 8-16 hours


Introducing the LeonardCreek Pet GPS Tracker for dogs and cats – the ultimate solution for pet owners looking for an efficient, reliable, and affordable GPS pet tracking device. This device offers real-time tracking and location history, so you can monitor your pet’s whereabouts at any given time from your mobile device. It has a compact and rainproof design, making it an ideal tracker for your pets during walks or runs in any weather conditions.

In addition, the LeonardCreek GPS Tracker has a long battery life of up to 16 hours and is equipped with a low battery alarm to ensure that you never lose track of your pet. The tracker also has a unique voice call feature that allows you to call your pet back from a distance. You can record a voice command and save it to the device for easy access in case of an emergency.

LeonardCreek GPS Tracker & Locator is 100% waterproof, which means it can be used for pets that love to swim or in rainy weather. This device also has a built-in microphone that enables you to listen remotely and track your pet’s surroundings. It supports geo-fencing, which sends an immediate alert to your phone if your pet leaves the designated safe zone.

This GPS tracker is designed to give you complete control over your pet’s safety and location. It has real-time tracking and positioning capabilities and lets you see the historical tracking data of your pet’s movements. With the LeonardCreek GPS Tracker, you can quickly and accurately locate your pet at any time, day or night.

Unlike most GPS pet trackers on the market, LeonardCreek’s has no monthly subscriptions necessary for any of its features to work. Get the peace of mind you deserve with the LeonardCreek Pet GPS Tracker for dogs and cats.

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