Zeerkeer Mini GPS Tracker


Zeerkeer Mini GPS Tracker is a portable device that allows users to real-time track and monitor remote targets through SMS, app, and website. It features advanced GPS+LBS dual modes positioning for accurate tracking, and users can set up geofencing to get alerted if the device moves away from designated areas.

The device is multifunctional with features like historical path view, overspeed and vibration alarms, and low power consumption alarm. Its mini design, built-in magnet, and long standby time make it suitable for use on cars, luggage, school bags, and other personal items for added security and peace of mind.

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Brand: Zeerkeer

Battery capacity: 1500 mAh

Battery capacity while active: 2-5 days

Battery duration on standby: 25 days


Zeerkeer Mini GPS Tracker is a portable, compact device designed for real-time tracking and monitoring of remote targets. It features GPS+LBS dual modes positioning, ensuring accurate location with a precision of up to 10 meters. Users can easily track the device on Google Maps via mobile phones, tablets, and computers, with a minimum data upload interval of 10 seconds.

One of the device’s most significant features is its geofence function, which allows users to set up one or more geofences to restrict the tracker’s movements within a zone. The device sends alarm information to the app and web server when it goes out of or gets in this predefined zone. Additionally, the device’s admin account feature allows users to manage multiple devices simultaneously, making it a great option for business owners or parents with multiple children.

The Zeerkeer Mini GPS Tracker’s multifunctional design provides several additional features, such as historical path view, inductive sensor, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, and low power consumption alarm. The device’s mini design is also well worth mentioning, with dimensions of only 1.8″x1.18″x0.69″/ 55 x 36 x 21 mm, making it easy to use in a variety of settings, such as in cars, on school bags, on luggage, and more.

This GPS tracker device’s built-in 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides an impressive standby time of 25 days and a working time of 2-5 days. Additionally, the Zeerkeer Mini GPS Tracker features a strong magnet, allowing it to be easily attached on any metal surface, and its waterproof level is IP67, which can resist splash water.

The Zeerkeer Mini GPS Tracker offers three tracking modes, including SMS tracking, APP tracking, and website tracking, making it easy to monitor and manage the device. Overall, the device is a reliable and effective option for those looking for real-time tracking and monitoring.

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