Outsmart Gadgets Pen Voice Recorder


The Outsmart Gadgets Pen Voice Recorder is a professional recording device that provides high-quality sound with its built-in microphone and DSP noise reduction system. It has a large capacity of 16GB, which can store up to 400 hours of recording and even serves as an MP3 player and USB drive.

The device is easy to use with one-key operation and can be compatible with multiple platforms, making it great for recording meetings, lectures, and more. The built-in microphone allows for 360° long-distance recording, making it ideal for large conferences or concerts.

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Top feature:

Brand: Outsmart Gadgets

Internal storage: 400 hours

Battery capacity: 1 Lithium Ion battery (included)

Battery capacity while active: 20 hours


The Outsmart Gadgets Pen Voice Recorder is a professional-grade recording device designed for professionals, students, and anyone who needs to capture audio in high quality. The device features high-quality recording microphones, a DSP noise reduction system, and a built-in voice detection function that ensures a full, clear, and natural sound. The device automatically detects voice to prevent recording silence and wasting valuable device space.

This pen-style voice recorder has a large capacity of 16GB, providing enough space for up to 400 hours of recording. It also functions as an MP3 player, holding up to 7500 songs, and as a portable USB drive, with a long-lasting battery life. The cutting-edge metal alloy design and one-key operation make the device easy to use, and each recording is named with a timestamp for easy file management.

The voice-activated recording feature allows the device to start recording automatically when surrounding sound decibels change. The built-in high-sensitivity microphone picks up sound in a large room, achieving 360° recording and ensuring that no distant sounds are missed. The device is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and files can be transferred between the device and computer via USB.

The device plays back recordings in MP3, WMA, or WAV sound format and files are named with the exact year, month, day, hour, and second for quick and easy file management. The device also functions as an actual pen and allows for writing while recording, making it an ideal gift for students, lawyers, business people, teachers, and anyone who needs to take notes while recording, or record conversations discreetly.

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