Hidden cameras and other surveillance devices with internal drive storage are not common. In most cases this includes a non-removable SD card to store video footage, but some products have built-in hard disk drives.

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Internal Drive Storage

Internal disk drives in spy cameras have a number of benefits. Main one is that you don’t need to worry about purchasing SD cards to store your video files. These hidden cameras typically have reliable SD cards, SSD drives or other disk drives built in the device itself that can’t be removed.

Some products will also offer you a choice of upgrading storage space further with SD cards, or offer remote streaming or cloud storage in addition to internal storage which is mainly used for backup.

Data retrieval from internal storage is typically done through a USB connection with another device such as your phone or PC. This depends on each individual product.

Internal disk drive hidden cameras offer a good choice between affordability and storage capacity and make for good entry-level surveillance devices for a variety of uses.

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