STTWUNAKE Small Magnetic Voice Activated Recorder


STTWUNAKE Small Magnetic Voice Activated Recorder is a digital audio recorder with a recording capacity of up to 2000 hours and a 128GB memory capacity. It features a built-in high-capacity battery that allows it to record continuously for up to 500 hours when the smart recording function is enabled.

The recorder supports sound-activated recording and has a magnet installed inside and a detachable clip provided outside, making it easy to attach to different surfaces. It also comes with a DSP intelligent noise reduction chip for clearer sound quality and supports time stamp and segment save functions for easy file management.

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Internal storage: 2000 hours

Storage included: 128 GB

Battery capacity while active: 300 hours


STTWUNAKE Small Magnetic Voice Activated Recorder is a cutting-edge device that offers unparalleled recording capability. With 128GB of memory and a recording capacity of 2000 hours, users can record continuously for up to 12 days. The device is designed to be simple and practical, making it easy to use for anyone looking for a reliable recording solution.

One of the standout features of the STTWUNAKE Voice Recorder is its smart recording function, which allows users to record for up to 500 hours without having to charge the device. Additionally, the recorder supports sound-activated recording, making it possible to capture audio in multiple scenarios.

The device also comes equipped with a powerful DSP intelligent noise reduction chip, which ensures that the sound quality of recordings is clear and precise. The recorder also includes a time stamp function, segment save function, and power-off automatic save function, which are designed to make it easy for users to locate and access their recordings.

Another standout feature of this tiny voice recorder spy device is its magnet and removable clip design, which makes it easy to attach the recorder to a backpack or other items for easy recording, or even use it as a hidden recorder if need be. The device is also lightweight, weighing only 30 grams, making it easy to carry around.

Recorder comes with a back clip, data cable, user manual, and packing box, making it a comprehensive and easy-to-use recording solution. With its practical design and high-end features, the STTWUNAKE Small Magnetic Voice Activated Recorder is the ideal device for anyone looking to record audio in a variety of settings.

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