OhO Ski Goggles Camera


The OhO Ski Goggles Camera is a top-of-the-line product for capturing your outdoor adventures. It features 4K live streaming and video capture with special anti-shake technology, allowing for crisp and clear footage. With just two buttons for video recording with audio and photo taking, it’s easy to use even with gloves on.

The impact-resistant frame and full UV protection ensure your goggles are durable and safe for any adventure. Additionally, it’s helmet compatible and comes with a variety of accessories including a hard case, extra battery, and charger.

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Brand: OhO Sunshine

Battery capacity while active: 60 minutes

Charging duration: 1 hour by USB or power cable

Video format: H264, .MOVStorage Calculator

Video resolution: 1080p, 2K, 4K, 720p

Amazon customer rating: 4.0


The OHO Ski Goggles Camera is a versatile and practical accessory for anyone who loves to capture their outdoor adventures. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, or simply want to document your experiences, these goggles allow you to do so in style.

With its 4K Ultra Full HD Resolution Video and 24MP Photo Resolution, the OHO Goggles Camera provides professional-quality images and videos. The video recording feature has advanced image stabilization that enables you to record smooth action shots, and the camera is equipped with a built-in microphone for recording audio.

Two buttons on the frame of the goggles allow you to start and stop video recording and take photos. The buttons are designed to be easy to press even while wearing gloves, so you can capture your memories with ease. The goggles come with a 16GB memory card, but you can also insert a 128GB card if you need more storage.

In addition to capturing videos and photos, the OHO Goggles also have a WiFi live streaming feature that allows you to share your adventures in real-time. You can live stream your footage directly to your mobile phone, and then share it on social media or download it for later.

The OHO Ski Goggles Camera is made from high-quality materials that are built to last. The impact-resistant frame is designed to withstand harsh conditions, and the anti-fog molecules that are infused into the lens material ensure that your vision will remain clear, even in damp or wet conditions. The straps are also helmet compatible, so you can wear the goggles comfortably on any type of helmet.

Overall, the OHO Ski Goggles Camera is a must-have for anyone who loves to capture their outdoor adventures. With its professional-quality video and photo features, easy-to-use controls, and comfortable fit, you’ll be able to document your memories with ease.

Amazon customer rating

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