PBN-TEC K-MIC Voice Activated Recorder


PBN-TEC’s K-MIC-OTG Voice Activated Recorder is a versatile audio recording device with 16GB internal memory for over 1,000 hours of storage. Boasting a remarkable 550 hours of recording on a single charge and 250 days in standby mode, it’s perfect for various scenarios.

With a high-quality microphone and customizable settings, including mic sensitivity and bitrate, it ensures crystal-clear audio. Its magnetic design allows secure attachment to metal surfaces, and as a multifunctional tool, it serves as an MP3 player and a power bank, offering added convenience for professionals, parents, or students.

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Brand: PBN-TEC

Internal storage: 4600 hours

Battery capacity: 5000 mAh

Battery capacity while active: 550 hours (23 days)

Battery duration on standby: 250 days


K-MIC-OTG Voice Activated Recorder is a versatile and powerful device designed for professional-grade audio recording in various scenarios. Boasting a substantial 16GB internal memory, this recorder can store over 1,000 hours of recordings at optimal settings, making it ideal for lectures, interviews, note-taking, or personal memos. Its impressive battery life allows for 550 hours of recording on a single charge and an astounding 250 days in standby mode, ensuring reliability during extended periods.

Equipped with a high-quality microphone, the K-MIC-OTG captures crystal-clear audio with adjustable settings such as mic sensitivity, bitrate, and file format. Its magnetic and portable design adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing secure attachment to metal surfaces and easy portability in pockets or purses. The time and date stamp on each recording facilitate effortless organization, and the intuitive recording scheduler automates the start and stop times for regular recordings without manual intervention.

The K-MIC-OTG is not just a recorder; it functions as an MP3 player and a power bank with a 5000 mAh capacity, offering added utility. It includes headphones for direct playback and an OTG adapter for easy connection to phones, tablets, or computers. The device’s versatility extends to customizable settings, such as microphone sensitivity, recording mode, file bitrate, length, and format, providing flexibility to suit various recording needs.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the K-MIC-OTG operates with one-button simplicity, features LED indicators for recording status, and includes an internal magnet for easy deployment. The included headphones offer playback capabilities, volume control, play/pause controls, and file management options. Whether you’re a professional, concerned parent, or student, the K-MIC-OTG stands as an indispensable tool for reliable and efficient audio recording, playback, and management on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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