What other factors affect video footage file size?

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The storage calculator tool we provide can merely estimate the amount of storage space your camera will require. Besides resolution, frame rate and compression, here are other factors that affect video file size for security camera footage:

  1. Bitrate: Higher bitrates result in larger file sizes.
  2. Length of Recording: Longer recordings take up more space.
  3. Motion Detection: Motion detection can reduce the amount of footage captured, reducing the overall file size.
  4. Day/Night Mode: Night vision mode can result in larger file sizes due to the need for infrared lighting.
  5. Number of Cameras: The more cameras that are recording, the larger the storage space required.
  6. Audio Recording: Recording sound can increase the file size.
  7. Compression Format: Different compression formats have varying file sizes.
  8. Camera Type: Different camera types can have different file sizes, depending on their features and capabilities.
  9. Environmental Factors: Factors such as weather, lighting conditions, and background movement can affect the amount of data captured and therefore the file size.

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