PBN-TEC Procam U7 Digital Bodycam


PBN-TEC Procam Digital Bodycam is a complete covert video recording kit designed for close surveillance. Featuring a versatile 720p lens with a 90-degree tilt, the Procam-U7 provides clear and adjustable footage.

This spy cam offers dual recording modes, a 2-hour recording battery life, and excellent audio capture up to 30 feet away. With advanced features like motion-activated recording, covert mode, and file splitting, the Procam-U7 is a professional-grade solution for discreet surveillance, suitable for various applications.

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Brand: PBN-TEC

Storage included: 128 GB

Battery capacity: 320 mAh

Battery capacity while active: 2 hours continuous recording, 5 hours motion activated

Lens angle: 61° Preview

Charging duration: Up to 2 hours

Video format: AVI, MJPEGStorage Calculator

Video resolution: 720p


Unleash the power of covert surveillance with the PBN-TEC Procam Digital Bodycam – a complete video recording kit for close surveillance operations. This versatile tool is equipped with a high-definition 720p lens that tilts up to 90 degrees, providing clear and adjustable footage. The kit includes essential accessories such as a 128GB Micro SD card, OTG adapter, clothing clip, extended battery pack, and tactical stand, ensuring immediate usability.

The Procam-U7 offers dual recording modes – motion detection or continuous recording, with a remarkable 10-hour standby battery life. The device excels in audio capture, recording conversations up to 30 feet away, providing crystal-clear sound quality.

The Procam-U7 is designed for ease of use, featuring a one-button recording option and motion-activated recording for convenient and discreet deployment. It comes with a pre-installed 128GB Class 10 SD Card and an external battery pack for extended usage in the field. The tactical stand allows strategic placement for long-term deployments, and the device can be worn using the included metal clip, ideal for close surveillance without drawing attention. The Procam-U7’s advanced features include a covert recording mode with no LED indications, auto-saving footage, and file splitting at 10-minute intervals.

This premium mini-DVR records in 720p HD video resolution, providing optimal clarity. The OTG adapter allows users to view recordings on phones, tablets, or computers. With a time and date stamp, adjustable lens, extended battery life, and tactical deployment options, the Procam-U7 is a professional-grade solution for close encounter surveillance. The kit is easy to deploy almost anywhere, making it suitable for personal body-cam use, nanny-cam applications, or as a security camera for home or office. The Procam-U7 stands out as a reliable and discreet tool, evolving with technology to meet the demands of modern surveillance needs.

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