Newwings Wall Clock Hidden Camera


The Newwings Wall Clock Hidden Camera is a cleverly designed surveillance camera hidden within an elegant and functional clock, making it ideal for home security and surveillance. The camera is very easy to use and does not require pairing or downloading an app, users can simply insert an SD card and start recording as soon as they select a video mode.

The camera also includes an intelligent Motion Detection Function, which allows the camera to start recording when movement is detected, and loop recording ensures that the memory card never fills up. 1080P resolution ensures a clear and vivid image, providing users with high-quality footage.

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Brand: Newwings

Internal storage: 6 hours (with 128GB SD card)

Video format: AVIStorage Calculator

Video resolution: 1080p


Introducing the Newwings Wall Clock Hidden Camera – a cleverly designed wall clock with a built-in video camera. With 1080P video recording, this clock spy camera is capable of recording HD video without raising suspicion from anyone.

Featuring motion detection recording, it automatically records when motion is detected, conserving storage space and ensuring that only relevant footage is saved. The camera is easy to use – no Wi-Fi or software is needed, simply insert a micro SD card of up to 128GB (not included), turn on the camera, and start recording.

If you prefer recording and viewing footage remotely, Newwings WiFi-enabled wall clock camera is also available.

The device offers lifetime technology support, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. The camera’s special shape design makes it ideal for home security and surveillance, allowing you to keep an eye on your home and office, children, babysitters, housekeepers, or employees.

Additionally, the camera offers a range of features, including adjustable lens location and loop recording, ensuring that you never run out of space on your memory card.

Newwings Wall Clock Hidden Camera is an ideal solution for those who want to keep an eye on their home or office without being detected. The camera’s elegant design and unobtrusive placement make it easy to blend in with any decor.

With all of these features, it’s easy to see why the Newwings Wall Clock Hidden Camera is an excellent choice for those who need a discreet and reliable security camera.

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