PBN-TEC Cellphone Investigation Kit


PBN-TEC Cellphone Investigation Kit is your ultimate digital detective companion! Unlock the secrets hidden within iPhones, iPads, and Android devices with this comprehensive forensics kit.

Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or part of a corporate IT security team, this kit is designed to empower your digital investigations with tools designed to extract data from any iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

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Brand: PBN-TEC


The PBN-TEC Cellphone Investigation Kit is a robust collection of digital examination tools crafted to investigate data on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. This comprehensive kit includes the iRecovery Stick, Phone Recovery Stick, and SIM Card Seizure, enabling investigators to delve into almost any phone or tablet on the market.

These professional digital forensics tools will help you unlock the secrets hidden within iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Extract valuable data that could be pivotal in your investigations. With the Cellphone Investigation Kit, you gain the ability to explore and analyze information on a wide range of devices.

Dual Operating Systems – iOS and Android

Addressing the dominant forces in the market, the kit features specialized tools for both major operating systems. The iRecovery Stick, tailored for iOS, allows you to extract and investigate data sets from iPhones and iPads. Meanwhile, the Phone Recovery Stick is dedicated to Android, providing a seamless extraction and investigation experience for Android phones and tablets.

Versatile Tools Included

The kit encompasses a suite of tools designed to cover all aspects of digital investigations. From the iRecovery Stick and Phone Recovery Stick to the SIM Card Seizure, each component serves a specific purpose. The 64GB USB Drive ensures secure storage of evidentiary content, and the Data Cable Kit provides compatibility with various devices.

  1. iRecovery Stick: Extract and Investigate iOS Data Sets
    – Delve into iPhones and iPads, extracting messages, contacts, photos, videos, stored internet passwords, map data, third-party app data, and more.
  2. Phone Recovery Stick: Extract and Investigate Android Data Sets
    – Navigate through Android phones and tablets, extracting messages, contacts, photos, videos, map data, third-party app data, and more.
  3. SIM Card Seizure: Examine Data Sets from All SIM Cards
    – Dive into SIM card data, recovering deleted text messages and examining various types of SIM cards.
  4. 64GB USB Drive: Secure Evidentiary Content Storage
    – Safely store extracted data for casefile creation with this capacious USB drive.
  5. Data Cable Kit: Cables for iPhone, USB-C, and Micro USB
    – Ensure compatibility with various devices using the included cables.
  6. Micro-SIM Card Adapter: Effortless Examination of SIM Cards
    – Easily examine SIM cards of any size with this versatile adapter.
  7. Storage Case: Organization and Portability
    – Keep all your digital investigation tools in one compartmentalized hard-shell case, ready for use and easy to transport.

Wide Applicability

The PBN-CPIK, trusted by over 800 investigation agencies globally, proves essential in law enforcement, corporate security, and educational settings. Its versatility caters to a range of investigative needs.

Ideal for courses in justice, law, and IT security, the kit provides a strong foundation for cell phone investigations, offering hands-on experience and exposure to multiple investigative methods.

Unlock the power of the PBN-TEC Cellphone Investigation Kit – Your key to unlocking the digital mysteries within smartphones and tablets.

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