PBN-TEC Digital Investigation Kit


Unleash the PBN-TEC Digital Investigation Kit’s power—an all-inclusive suite of advanced tools for scrutinizing digital data across phones, tablets, and computers. This user-friendly kit transforms individuals into adept private digital investigators, featuring tools like iRecovery Stick, Phone Recovery Stick, SIM Card Seizure, Data Recovery Stick, Porn Detection Stick, and Voice Logger.

With unlimited applications and lifelong updates, this kit is indispensable for investigation agencies, corporations, and educational training, covering iPhone and Android investigations, SIM card examinations, and covert digital surveillance.

This is a professional digital forensics kit trusted by law enforcement for nearly 15 years. Constant updates ensure this kit evolves with technology, providing reliability in the ever-changing landscape of digital forensics.

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Brand: PBN-TEC


Unleash the power of digital investigation with the PBN-TEC Digital Investigation Kit. This is a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge tools designed to examine digital data from phones, tablets, computers, and more. This versatile kit empowers users to become their own private digital investigators, offering a range of tools to investigate cell phones, recover deleted data from computers, analyze photos and videos, monitor PC sound, and more.

The kit includes essential tools like the iRecovery Stick for iPhones and iPads, Phone Recovery Stick for Android devices, SIM Card Seizure for analyzing SIM card data, Data Recovery Stick for recovering deleted files from Windows computers, Porn Detection Stick for scanning computers for illicit content, Voice Logger to turn Windows computers into covert audio recorders, and a 1TB Photo Backup Stick external hard drive for storing case file data and performing targeted investigations on multimedia content.

With unlimited uses and free updates for life, the Digital Investigation Kit provides a range of investigative uses. This makes it invaluable for investigation agencies, corporations, organizations, and educational training. The kit ensures that investigators can extract and examine data from various digital devices, offering a complete solution for digital investigations, including iPhone and Android investigations, SIM card examinations, covert digital surveillance, and more.

One standout feature is the Capturra 1TB Drive, included in the kit, designed for automatic image and video duplication from virtually any digital device. This drive simplifies evidence archiving and storage, making it an indispensable tool for investigators.

The Digital Investigation Kit is not only a complete arsenal of digital investigation tools but also a system that evolves with technology. As technology advances, the tools within the kit are continually updated to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems and devices. The kit’s easy-to-use and comprehensive systems have been trusted by hundreds of law enforcement agencies for nearly 15 years, emphasizing its reliability and effectiveness in the field of digital forensics.

Investigation agencies benefit significantly from the PBN-DIK due to its unlimited use and free updates for life. The kit enables agencies to offer or expand their digital investigation services instantly. It is the go-to solution from the wide variety of PBN-TEC products, providing investigators with everything they need for successful digital investigations.

In a world where digital privacy is of paramount importance, the PBN-TEC Digital Investigation Kit stands as a beacon of innovation, offering powerful tools to navigate the complexities of digital data examination.

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