PBN-TEC Android Phone Data Recovery Stick


This Phone Data Recovery Stick is a powerful plug-and-play tool for in-depth investigations on Android devices. It retrieves deleted SMS, contacts, call history, calendar entries, notes, internet history, photos, and more.

Operating as a digital microscope, it connects any Android device to Windows computers. The search function allows comprehensive exploration, analyzing app data, revealing installed apps, and even recovers deleted files and content.

This is a tool for professionals, originally designed for investigations. It’s now used by law enforcement, business professionals, concerned parents, cellphone repair centers, IT professionals, and universities.

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Brand: PBN-TEC


PBN-TEC’s Android Phone Data Recovery Stick is your ultimate tool for thorough investigations on Android phones and tablets. This powerful plug-and-play solution retrieves deleted SMS, contacts, call history, calendar entries, notes, internet history, photos, and more. Acting as a digital microscope, it simplifies the intricate process of reviewing smartphones by connecting to a Windows 7, 8, or 10 computer. The Phone Recovery Stick supports all Android devices, requiring the removal of the passcode and device rooting for deleted data recovery.

The search function enables a comprehensive exploration of the entire Android device, using keywords or symbols to quickly locate needed content. Users can analyze app data, recover deleted text messages and photos, and retrieve images and videos from various sources, including hidden locations. The tool reveals all installed apps, providing insights into their versions and permissions. The Phone Recovery Stick excels in accessing data that regular phone browsing will miss, making it the ideal solution for recovering all user data from Android devices.

Originally designed for the investigative industry, the Phone Recovery Stick has become indispensable for a diverse range of users. Law enforcement utilizes it to find valuable evidence, while business professionals use it to recover lost information and perform comprehensive searches. Concerned parents benefit from its ability to perform a discreet examination of their child’s phone, and cellphone repair centers use it to provide backup services for damaged Android phones. IT professionals leverage its malware reporting feature to investigate and remove potential threats, and universities find it valuable for digital forensics training.

The Phone Recovery Stick for Android, launched in 2009, remains at the forefront of investigative tools, continually updated for compatibility with Android phones running OS 8 and above. Its reporting functionalities align with modern technology updates, providing extensive data extraction reports. Applications data extractions offer unique insights into user preferences, location, messages, photos, videos, and contacts.

With unlimited use and no subscription fees, the Phone Recovery Stick stands as a reliable and essential tool for data discovery, digital forensics, and investigations on Android smartphones and tablets.

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