Wzquisite Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera


Wzquisite Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera is a wearable gadget designed to capture outdoor activities with ease. With its Full HD 1080P camera, polarized lens with UV protection, and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s perfect for biking, motorcycling, and sunbathing.

These sunglasses come with a 32GB memory card and a built-in 220mAh battery that can record up to an hour. They can also be used as a PC camera and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Brand: Wzquisite

Storage included: 32 GB

Battery capacity: 220 mAh

Battery capacity while active: 1 hour

Lens angle: 120° Preview

Charging duration: 2 hours

Video format: AVI, M-JPEGStorage Calculator

Video resolution: 1080p

Photo resolution: 5 MPPhoto Resolutions Calculator

Amazon customer rating: 4.3


Introducing the Wzquisite Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera, a game-changing wearable device designed for men who love to capture their outdoor adventures. With its Full HD 1080P camera, you can now record all your outdoor activities with ease, whether it’s riding a motorcycle, fishing, or simply enjoying a sunny day at the beach.

Built with UV Protection Polarized Lens, these sunglasses not only look stylish but also provide full protection from harmful UV rays. This makes it perfect for sunbathing while listening to your favorite tunes, without worrying about damaging your eyes.

The Wzquisite Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera is equipped with a 32GB memory card, so you can store all your videos and photos without running out of space. Additionally, it features Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect with your smartphone, answer or hang up calls, and listen to your favorite music.

The device also comes with a built-in 220mAh battery, which can record videos and take photos for up to an hour when fully charged. You can easily take a photo by pressing the power button once, while holding it down for three seconds will start recording a video. To stop recording, simply press the power button again.

These sunglasses are also equipped with a PC camera feature, which allows it to be used as a webcam when connected to your computer via USB cable. The device is compatible with Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Mac OS 10.4, and Linux.

The package includes one sunglasses camera, a USB cable, a glasses cloth, two glasses headsets, and a user manual. To find what you’ve recorded, simply connect the device to your computer via USB cable and locate the removable disk.

Please note that the device does not support live view via a smartphone app. However, it does offer a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a wearable camera for their outdoor activities.

Wzquisite Bluetooth Sunglasses Camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture their outdoor adventures. With its 1080P cam, UV Protection polarized lenses, and Bluetooth connectivity, it offers a range of features that make it an excellent choice for bikers, motorcyclists, and anyone who loves to spend time outdoors.

Amazon customer rating

This product has been rated with a 4.3/5 score by Amazon customers.

Note: ratings are updated periodically and may not accurately reflect current product ratings.

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