What is the best compression codec for storing video footage?

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There is no single “best” compression codec for storing video footage, as the ideal codec depends on a variety of factors including the intended use of the footage, the available storage space, and the desired balance between file size and image quality. Some commonly used codecs for video compression include H.264, H.265, and MPEG-4, all of which use lossy compression to achieve smaller file sizes at the expense of some image quality.

As such, the best compression codec for storing video footage depends on various factors, such as the desired video quality, available storage space, and playback requirements.

H.264 is a widely used codec that offers good video quality with efficient compression. It is suitable for most applications and is supported by most modern devices and software. H.265 is a newer codec that offers improved compression and better video quality than H.264, but it requires more processing power to encode and decode. MPEG-4 is another popular codec that provides good compression and quality for streaming applications.

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