What is a fisheye lens?

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A fisheye lens is a type of ultra-wide-angle lens that produces a distinctively curved, distorted image that looks like it was captured through a fish-eye. It is named so due to the visual similarity of the distorted image to a fish’s eye. Fisheye lenses have a very short focal length and a wide field of view, usually over 180 degrees. They are used for creative purposes in photography and videography to capture panoramic views, unusual perspectives, and dramatic images.

There are two types of fisheye lenses: circular and diagonal. Circular fisheye lenses capture a circular image with black borders around it, while diagonal fisheye lenses fill the entire frame with the distorted image. Fisheye lenses are widely used in action sports photography, astrophotography, and architectural photography to capture a unique and immersive view of the subject.

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