How does the camera lens angle affect image distortion?

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The camera lens angle can significantly affect image distortion in photos or video footage. A lens with a wide angle of view, such as a fisheye lens, can capture more of the scene in a single frame than a lens with a narrow angle of view, such as a telephoto lens. However, wide-angle lenses can create distortion in images by making the objects in the center of the frame appear larger than the objects at the edges of the frame. This is called barrel distortion, and it creates a bulging effect in the center of the image.

On the other hand, lenses with a narrow angle of view, such as telephoto lenses, are less likely to create distortion in images. This is because they compress the scene, making objects appear closer together than they actually are. However, telephoto lenses may create a slight amount of pincushion distortion, which creates a concave effect in the center of the image. Understanding how the camera lens angle affects image distortion can help photographers and videographers choose the right lens for their specific needs.

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