How do I adjust night vision brightness on a spy camera?

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The method for adjusting the brightness of night vision on a hidden camera may vary depending on the camera model and manufacturer. However, most night vision hidden cameras come with built-in infrared (IR) sensors that automatically detect low light conditions and activate the night vision mode. To adjust the brightness, you may need to access the camera settings through the mobile app or web interface and look for an option to adjust the IR sensitivity or night vision level. Some cameras may also allow you to adjust the brightness manually by using an external IR illuminator or by adjusting the camera lens aperture or exposure settings.

It’s important to note that increasing the brightness of the night vision on a hidden camera may also increase the amount of visible noise or graininess in the footage. Therefore, it’s recommended to test the camera in different lighting conditions and adjust the night vision settings accordingly to achieve the best balance between image quality and visibility.

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