How can I adjust the sensitivity of motion sensors in my hidden camera?

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The process of adjusting the sensitivity of motion sensors in surveillance cameras may vary depending on the camera model and manufacturer. However, most cameras have a sensitivity setting that can be adjusted manually through the camera’s software or mobile app. The sensitivity level usually ranges from low to high, and it can determine how much motion is required to trigger the camera to record. In some cameras, there may be additional settings available to adjust the motion detection area, which can narrow or widen the area where motion is detected. It’s important to note that too high of a sensitivity level may cause the camera to record false alarms, while too low of a sensitivity level may not capture all relevant events.

In some advanced surveillance cameras, artificial intelligence algorithms are used to detect and distinguish between human and non-human motion, reducing the number of false alarms. These cameras may also have customizable detection zones, which can be set up to trigger the camera when motion is detected in a specific area. Overall, adjusting the sensitivity of motion sensors in surveillance cameras is an important step in ensuring that the camera is effectively capturing relevant events and minimizing false alarms.

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