Can surveillance cameras with motion sensors detect any motion?

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Surveillance cameras with motion sensors are designed to detect motion in their field of view, but the sensitivity of the sensor can vary depending on the camera model and settings. Some cameras may only detect motion within a certain range or at a certain speed, while others may be more sensitive and detect even slight movements. In general, surveillance cameras with motion sensors are a useful tool for home or business security, as they can alert you to unexpected activity and capture footage of potential intruders or other events. However, it is important to ensure that the camera is properly set up and calibrated to avoid false alarms or missed events.

Additionally, some surveillance cameras with motion sensors may also have other features, such as advanced analytics that can distinguish between different types of motion or the ability to trigger specific actions or alerts based on the detected motion. More advances camera may even use AI to avoid capturing footage of dogs, cats or other pets and only record when they detect human activity. These features can help to further enhance the effectiveness of the camera and provide more targeted security solutions.

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