Can RF and RFID devices be used to steal my car?

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RF and RFID devices can be used to steal a car through a technique known as “relay theft.” This involves using two devices to intercept the signal from a car’s key fob, which is used to unlock and start the car. The first device, called a relay amplifier, picks up the signal from the key fob and sends it to the second device, called a relay transmitter, which broadcasts the signal to the car. The car’s system then responds as if the key fob were present, allowing the thief to unlock and start the car.

To prevent relay theft, car owners can use a Faraday cage or a Faraday bag to block the signal from their key fob. A Faraday cage is a metal enclosure that blocks electromagnetic fields, while a Faraday bag is a special type of fabric bag that is lined with a metallic material. When the key fob is placed inside the Faraday cage or bag, the signal is blocked, preventing the relay theft devices from picking it up.

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