What is the range of the access point mode in hidden cameras?

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The range of the access point mode in hidden cameras can vary depending on several factors, including the camera’s design, antenna strength, and surrounding environment. In general, the access point range is typically limited to a certain distance, often within the range of a typical Wi-Fi network.

Most hidden cameras with local network mode will have a range of around 30 to 100 feet (9 to 30 meters) in an open area without obstacles. However, keep in mind that the range can be affected by walls, furniture, and other objects that can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Thick walls or long distances may decrease the effective range and signal strength.

It’s important to consider the intended placement and usage scenario when determining the range of the access point mode. If you plan to use the hidden camera in a larger area or a location with many obstacles, it may be beneficial to test the signal strength and range before finalizing the camera’s placement.

Additionally, using Wi-Fi signal boosters or extending the network range with additional access points or repeaters can help improve the coverage area of the hidden camera’s access point mode.

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