What is the difference between a hidden vehicle camera and a dash cam?

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Both hidden vehicle cameras and dash cams are used to record footage while driving, but they differ in their placement and purpose. A dash cam is typically mounted on the windshield or dashboard of a vehicle and is meant to record the view from the driver’s perspective in case of an accident or other incident on the road. On the other hand, a hidden vehicle camera is designed to be discreetly installed in the vehicle, such as behind the rearview mirror or in the cabin, and can capture footage of the interior of the vehicle.

Hidden vehicle cameras are often used for security and surveillance purposes, such as monitoring the behavior of employees or passengers, while dash cams are primarily used for documenting accidents or incidents on the road. Both types of cameras can be useful for providing evidence in legal proceedings or insurance claims, but it is important to understand the specific laws and regulations in your area regarding the use of such cameras.

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