What is the difference between a GPS tracker and a microchip?

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A GPS tracker and a microchip are two distinct technologies used for pet identification and location tracking. A microchip is a small electronic device that is implanted under the skin of a pet and contains a unique identification number. If a lost pet is found and taken to a shelter or vet, they can scan the microchip and use the identification number to contact the pet’s owner. On the other hand, a GPS tracker uses satellite technology to provide real-time location tracking of a pet, which can be viewed on a mobile device or computer.

While a microchip can help reunite a lost pet with its owner, it does not provide real-time location tracking or alerts if a pet wanders out of a designated area. GPS trackers, on the other hand, offer more advanced features that allow pet owners to keep track of their pet’s location and set up geofencing to receive alerts if their pet strays too far from a designated area.

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