What is camera lens angle?

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The camera lens angle, also known as the camera’s field of view, refers to the extent of the observable scene that can be captured by the camera lens. The angle of the lens determines how much of the scene will be visible in the final image or video. This can range from a narrow view, which captures a small portion of the scene in detail, to a wide-angle lens, which captures a much larger area but with less detail.

The camera lens angle is a critical factor in determining the type of camera to use for a specific application. For example, if the goal is to monitor a large area like a parking lot, a wide-angle lens is the best choice. On the other hand, if the goal is to capture specific details like a person’s face, a narrow-angle lens would be better suited. Understanding camera lens angle is essential for any photographer, videographer, or security system installer who wants to capture the right shot at the right time.

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