Is AP mode compatible with both iOS and Android devices?

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Surveillance cameras with access point feature are generally compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Access point mode relies on creating a standard Wi-Fi network that your smartphone can connect to, regardless of the operating system. As long as your iOS or Android device has Wi-Fi capabilities, you should be able to connect to the camera’s access point network and access its features and live feed.

To connect your iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, simply go to the Wi-Fi settings and select the hidden camera’s network from the available options. Enter the password if prompted, and once connected, you can access the camera’s interface or associated app to view the live feed and control the camera’s settings.

Similarly, for Android devices, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings, locate the hidden camera’s network, and connect to it by entering the password if required. Once connected, you can use the camera’s app or web interface to interact with the camera and access its features.

It’s worth noting that specific camera models may have their own dedicated apps or compatibility requirements, so it’s advisable to check the camera’s documentation or manufacturer’s website for any device-specific instructions or recommendations.

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