How much storage space does a hidden camera with time lapse need?

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The amount of storage space needed for a hidden camera with time lapse depends on the frequency of the time-lapse intervals, the length of the intervals, and the resolution of the footage. Generally, the longer the intervals and the higher the resolution, the more storage space is required. For example, if a camera takes a photo every five seconds for 24 hours at a resolution of 1080p, it would require approximately 16 GB of storage space. However, if the camera takes a photo every minute, it would only require approximately 1.5 GB of storage space for the same 24-hour period.

See our Data Storage Calculator to get more approximations on how much space your camera needs.

It’s important to note that many hidden cameras with time lapse feature loop recording, which means that the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest footage when the storage space is full. This can be a convenient feature as it ensures that the camera will continue recording without the need for manual intervention. However, it also means that important footage may be lost if it is not downloaded and saved before the storage space is overwritten. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly download and backup footage from a soy camera with time lapse to ensure that important events are not lost.

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