How long do GPS tracker batteries last?

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The battery life of GPS trackers depends on several factors, including the type of device, how often it updates its location, and how frequently it sends data. Generally, battery life can range from a few days to several months. For instance, a small GPS tracker with real-time tracking capabilities may have a battery life of a few days, while a larger tracker with less frequent location updates may last several months on a single charge.

It’s essential to consider the battery life when choosing a GPS tracker to meet your needs. A device with a shorter battery life may be more suitable for tracking items or people over a short period, while a device with a longer battery life may be better suited for long-term tracking or for tracking vehicles or equipment that are difficult to access. Some GPS trackers have features such as power-saving modes or solar charging options that can extend battery life.

Some of the vehicle GPS trackers you can find in our shop can be directly plugged to a car battery and can work indefinitely.

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