How long can surveillance cameras record?

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The duration for which surveillance cameras can record depends on various factors, including the size of the hard drive, the number of cameras, and the video quality. Most cameras come with a default setting that overwrites old footage once the storage space runs out (this is called loop recording). However, some systems allow you to set the recording duration for each camera individually. To ensure that you capture all necessary footage, it’s crucial to choose a system that offers ample storage and can record for an extended period.

Another factor to consider is motion detection. By setting your cameras to record only when they detect movement, you can extend the recording duration significantly. Some cameras are also equipped with a pre-recording feature that records several seconds of video before motion is detected, ensuring that you don’t miss any critical events. Overall, the recording duration of surveillance cameras varies based on your specific needs, the camera’s capabilities, and the storage capacity of the system.

Take a look at our Video Footage Storage Calculator for estimates on how much time your camera can record based on resolution, available storage space, and more.

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