How does a driveway alarm work?

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A driveway alarm is a device that can detect motion or presence of a vehicle or person in the monitored area, usually a driveway or property entrance. The alarm system consists of a sensor or detector that can detect motion or presence and a receiver that alerts the user of the detection. The sensor can be a motion detector, a magnetic sensor, or an infrared beam sensor. The receiver can be a standalone unit or can be integrated with a security system, smart home system, or smartphone app.

When a vehicle or person enters the monitored area, the sensor detects the motion or presence and sends a signal to the receiver, which produces an audible or visual alert to notify the user of the detection. Some driveway alarms can also be programmed to trigger lights, cameras, or other devices for added security. Driveway alarms can be used for security purposes, to monitor visitors or deliveries, or to alert homeowners of the arrival of guests. They are an effective and affordable way to enhance home security.

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