Do I need a monthly subscription for my pet GPS tracker?

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The need for a subscription to use a pet tracker depends on the type of tracker you have. Some pet trackers, such as radio frequency (RF) trackers, do not require a subscription as they use a short-range signal to communicate with the receiver. On the other hand, GPS pet trackers rely on cellular networks to transmit the location data to your smartphone or computer, and therefore require a subscription to a cellular service provider. The subscription fee covers the cost of data transmission and access to the service provider’s network.

You always have to consider the cost of the subscription when choosing a GPS pet tracker. While some trackers offer a free subscription for a limited period, others require a monthly or yearly fee. It is also important to check the coverage area of the service provider to ensure that the tracker will work in your area. Some providers may have limited coverage in rural or remote areas, which could affect the accuracy and reliability of the tracker.

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