Can I set up guest access with a smart lock?

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Most smart locks come with a feature that allows you to set up temporary access codes for guests or visitors. The exact process for setting up guest access can vary depending on the specific digital smart lock you have, but generally, it involves creating a one-time use or a temporary code and assigning it to a specific guest. Once the guest uses the code to unlock the door, the code will expire, and they will no longer have access. Or, you can choose to expire their code manually at any time.

Many smart locks also allow you to control guest access remotely, using a mobile app or web interface. This means that you can grant access to your home even when you’re not there physically. Additionally, some smart locks allow you to set restrictions on guest access, such as restricting access to certain days or times, or limiting the number of times the guest can use the code. For example, if your house cleaner always comes on Mondays, you can have a special code assigned to them which will only work on those days of the week, ensuring they can’t access your home in other days.

By using these features, you can ensure that your home stays secure while also providing convenient access to trusted guests. Best thing is that this all works through your smartphone and you can be at work or traveling halfway around the world.

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