Can I plug in a dash cam to my car’s cigarette lighter?

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Most dash cams are designed to be powered by a car’s cigarette lighter, also known as the 12V socket or accessory socket. This is a convenient and easy way to power the dash cam without having to hardwire it to the car’s electrical system. However, it’s important to ensure that the dash cam’s power requirements do not exceed the capacity of the cigarette lighter, and to use a high-quality power cable to prevent voltage drops and other power-related issues.

Additionally, some cars may turn off the power to the cigarette lighter when the ignition is turned off, which can cause the dash cam to stop recording. In such cases, it may be necessary to hardwire the dash cam or use a battery pack.

If your vehicle has an old-fashioned cigarette lighter, you can simply use a USB car charger adapter to plug in new dashboard cameras.

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