SZBOKE Hidden Car Key Camera


SZBOKE Hidden Car Key Camera is a small, discreet camera that looks like a car key and is perfect for capturing high-quality video and photos. It features a 1080P HD lens, a 32GB memory card, and a 350 mAh battery that can provide up to 2 hours of video shooting time.

The camera is controlled by three buttons and can be used for a variety of scenarios, including recording lectures, gathering evidence in business situations, or as a surveillance device for home security. SZBOKE offers professional technical support and a 24-hour fix for any issues.

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Brand: Szboke

Internal storage: Up to 4 hours

Storage included: 32 GB

Battery capacity: 350 mAh

Battery capacity while active: 2 hours

Lens angle: 90° Preview

Video format: AVIStorage Calculator

Video resolution: 1080p

Photo resolution: 4032x3024 pxPhoto Resolutions Calculator

Amazon customer rating: 3.4


SZBOKE Hidden Car Key Camera is a high-quality spy camera that allows you to capture photos and videos with excellent capabilities. The camera comes equipped with a superior HD 1080P lens that ensures accurate video and clarity for playback on a larger screen.

The newly upgraded image sensor allows you to shoot 120 minutes of video using only batteries, thanks to advanced chip technology and lower power consumption. The camera’s classic elegance and hidden lens design make it suitable for different scenarios, and all functions are controlled by three buttons on the keychain camera.

This car key camera is made of alloy steel shell, making it sleek but more importantly looking like a regular car key. It is so stealthy that you can take it everywhere without anyone noticing it. You can use it to take videos in classrooms, gather evidence in business meetings, or shoot video in an emergency.

The camera comes with a 32GB memory card, which is sufficient to store several hours of videos and photos. It can shoot videos in a loop, where each new video will delete the oldest recording on the memory card. As long as the car key camera has power, it can keep shooting for 24 hours as well. The camera can also be used while charging with charging devices such as a power bank or 5V charger.

Video captured by this car keychain spy camera can be read through the USB data cable or by plugging the included SD card in a card reader. The video file captured by this hidden camera requires 8G of storage per hour, and supports a maximum of 128G SD card. Furthermore, you can add timestamps to videos for easy organization or additional proof of date and time recordings took place.

SZBOKE Hidden Car Key Camera is an excellent spy camera that is easy to use, affordable, and accessible to everyone. It is an essential tool for those who want to secretly capture high-quality photos or videos at important moments.

Amazon customer rating

This product has been rated with a 3.4/5 score by Amazon customers.

Note: ratings are updated periodically and may not accurately reflect current product ratings.

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