Optimus Vehicle GPS Tracker (Car Battery Installation)


Optimus GB100M 4G LTE Vehicle GPS Tracker for cars and trucks is designed for hardwired installation on a vehicle’s battery, and requires only a two-wire connection.

The device provides real-time location tracking, speed monitoring, and customizable alerts and notifications for events such as movement, speeding, and entering or leaving pre-defined areas.

The tracker includes a powerful app for easy management, and comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 1 year tracking historical data saved during service.

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Optimus GB100M 4G LTE GPS Tracker is a reliable and easy-to-install device that allows you to track your car or truck in real-time. With a hardwired installation that requires only a two-wire direct connection to your vehicle’s battery, this tracker will automatically connect to your car’s battery for power, eliminating the need to worry about recharging it.

Biggest benefit of plugging it in directly to your car battery is that you don’t need to worry about anyone spotting this device or you while changing batteries. If you want to install this as a GPS spy tracker without worrying about being seen this is the product for you. For comparison, Optimus GPS Tracker with internal rechargeable battery lasts for about a month.

One of the most appealing features of the Optimus GB100M GPS Tracker is its low cost of only USD 12.95 per month with no contract, hidden fees, or long-term commitment. And with unlimited tracking possibilities, this device provides comprehensive coverage for the USA and Canada, so you can track your vehicle’s location, speed, driving reports, and more from your smartphone app or web browser.

The powerful Optimus App is straightforward and easy to use, and allows you to customize your alerts and notifications, create geofences (predefined areas), and driving reports all within the app itself. You can also share tracking links with friends or customers to provide real-time tracking data.

The App is also designed to provide instant alerts whenever there is a significant event with the vehicle, such as starting to move, speeding, disconnection, harsh driving, tampering with the tracker, or entering or leaving a predefined area.

With the Optimus GB100M GPS Tracker, you will know how your vehicle is being driven. The device provides comprehensive driving reports, including miles driven, time and address parked, maximum speeds per trip, and detailed driving history. You can also set speed alerts to notify you when your vehicle goes over the speed limit, and driving history reports will show a record of the trip and how often the vehicle went over the speed limit or a predefined maximum speed that you set for the tracker.

This GPS Tracker provides a real-time reporting experience that is accurate and reliable. You can use any smartphone, tablet, or desktop to track your vehicle, and our advanced geofence mapping technology allows you to set your customized areas on a map to know when the vehicle enters or leaves that predefined area.

The Optimus Vehicle GPS Tracker is built with high-quality manufacturing that ensures it will not overheat or freeze, no matter what weather conditions your vehicle is in. This device is durable, discreet, and accurate, so you can trust that it will work whenever you need it to.

Optimus GB100M Vehicle GPS Tracker with direct car battery installation is an affordable and reliable device that provides real-time tracking and monitoring of your vehicle’s location, speed, and driving reports. With its easy installation process, customizable alerts and notifications, and comprehensive coverage for the USA and Canada, this device is a must-have for anyone who wants to secretly keep tabs on their car or truck.

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