Meatanty Mouse Mover With Timer


The Meatanty Mouse Jiggler with Timer is a unique USB device that combines a “mover” and a “jiggler” in one. It has two modes, Move1 and Move2, and a jiggler mode that vibrates the cursor at a high frequency. It also has a scheduling function that can be set for 2, 4, or 8 hours.

The device is designed to keep your PC active and prevent software from timing out or locking you out. It is also 100% undetectable, and any IT department will ignore it as another normal mouse. The Meatanty Mouse Jiggler with Timer is compatible with most popular systems, and it comes with a Type-C adapter.

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Brand: Meatanty


Introducing the Meatanty Mouse Mover with Timer – the ultimate solution for those who work from home and need to appear always active on Microsoft Teams, Skype, and other similar software. This innovative device is a 3-in-1 USB mouse mover that combines “mover” and “jiggler” modes in one device, making it the only device in the industry with multi-function, multi-track capabilities.

Choose between “Move1” (Fast/Wide Range) or “Move2” (Slower/Smaller Range) mode to automatically move the cursor on your screen. If you prefer the cursor to simply jiggle at a high frequency, switch to the “Jiggler” mode. It’s so discreet that nobody will notice you’re away.

This newly designed mouse mover also comes with a scheduled working and timing function that allows you to set it for 2, 4, or 8 hours, automatically stopping when the time you set is over. Alternatively, you can choose the “Nonstop” mode and let it run continuously until you turn off the mouse wiggler.

The Meatanty Mouse Mover keeps your PC/laptop active by moving the cursor automatically, making sure your Microsoft Teams, Lync, Skype, etc. stay online. It’s 100% undetectable, and the IT department will simply ignore it as another normal mouse, ensuring absolute security. This is crucial for company computers or work-at-home  laptops that track your every move and where you are unable to install your own software to mimic mouse movements and activity.

What sets this mouse shaker apart from others on the market is its convenient ON/OFF switch and the “Mode” and “Timer” selection buttons. This enriches the user experience and avoids the repeated plugging and unplugging of the mouse jiggler, protecting your USB ports from damage.

This undetectable computer mouse mover supports most popular systems like iOS, Win7, Win8, Win10, and Linux. The accessory includes a Type-C adapter, making our USB mouse mover usable for computers with only USB-C ports.

If you’re someone who needs to appear always active on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, or any similar software, the Meatanty Mouse Mover with Timer is a must-have device. It’s discreet, versatile, and easy to use, keeping your computer active and your status showing as online without any interruptions.

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