Meatanty USB Mouse Jiggler – Tiny Undetectable Mouse Mover


The Meatanty USB Mouse Jiggler is a small, undetectable device that moves the cursor automatically to keep a PC or laptop active when the user is away. It features mode and ON/OFF buttons on the device to avoid repeatedly plugging and unplugging.

The device has a digital display that shows the mode of switching tracks and determines if the device is running. It supports multiple tracks, has a memory function, and it will be recognized by any PC as a standard mouse.

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Brand: Meatanty


Meatanty USB Mouse Jiggler is a tiny, undetectable device that simulates mouse movements to keep your PC/laptop awake and active, making it a must-have product for those who work from home and need to appear as always online. It has separate ON/OFF and mode selection buttons that make it easy to operate and avoid repeatedly plugging and unplugging the mouse mover, saving your USB ports from damage.

The device has a digital display that shows whether it is running and also allows you to switch between three tracks for different trajectory and amplitudes. Meatanty USB Mouse Jiggler is designed with a memory function, which allows it to continue moving according to the previous trajectory when turned on again.

This mini mouse movement simulator is 100% undetectable as IT departments will ignore it as another normal mouse, ensuring your privacy and security. It supports most popular systems like iOS, Win7, Win8, Win10, and Linux, and also supports plug-and-play without the need for drivers. The device comes with a USB port protective cover, which can protect the device and make it easier to carry.

Meatanty USB Mouse Jiggler keeps your PC/laptop active by moving the cursor automatically when you need to get away for a coffee or do some chores. It is also useful for preventing your screen from going off or various software from locking you out due to timeouts. The device has a timing function that can be set for 2, 4, or 8 hours according to your needs. It can be powered by an external adapter or by USB port, making it convenient to use.

Meatanty USB Mouse Jiggler provides a 2-year warranty and free replacement policy. If you are not satisfied with your product, the customer service team is available via Amazon to solve any problems within 12 hours. The company values customer experience and ensures that their product provides the best possible service to their customers.

Meatanty USB Mouse Jiggler is a highly efficient and effective device that ensures your PC/laptop remains active, making it an essential tool for remote workers who need to maintain their online presence. The device is easy to use, highly portable, and compatible with most systems, making it a highly versatile tool for anyone who wants to keep their computer active.

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