GLK License Plate Backup Camera


GLK License Plate Backup Camera is a high-definition front and rear view reverse camera with 7 LED night vision and a 170 degree viewing angle. It provides super HD night vision even in darkness, and features a waterproof and durable aluminum zinc material with an IP-67 standard.

Includes is a super long 32.8 ft RCA (AV) cable for convenient installation on any vehicle. It also allows for guide line on/off and image flip, and has a wide view angle with 45 degree up and down adjustability.

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Brand: GLK

Lens angle: 170° Preview

Video resolution: 720p

Amazon customer rating: 3.3


GLK License Plate Backup Camera is a high-definition rear view camera designed to provide drivers with clear and sharp images while reversing vehicles even in low-light conditions. Equipped with the latest night vision technology and 7 LED lights, it offers a true-color display without any purple tint. The camera also features an auto-lighting LED that ensures drivers can drive safely at night.

With a viewing angle of 170 degrees, the camera provides a wide viewing range, and the lens angle can be adjusted up to 45 degrees vertically, allowing drivers to see all the blind spots behind the car. Additionally, the camera is waterproof and made from high-quality aluminum zinc material that meets the IP-67 standard for all-weather conditions.

The GLK License Plate Backup Camera also comes with a super long RCA (AV) cable that is 32.8 ft (10M) in length, making it suitable for cars, vans, and trucks (12V). It is also wired, which makes it more reliable and stable than wireless cameras. It plugs directly into your existing vehicle LCD screen. If you prefer a license plate backup camera with WiFi so you can view footage on your mobile phone you should take a look at Casoda WiFi License Plate Backup Camera.

GLK camera is easy to install and comes with a user manual, and customers can also find installation videos on YouTube. However, it is essential to restart the radio or monitor after installing or cutting any loops to ensure that the image displayed is correct.

The GLK License Plate Backup Camera features advanced chip technology, with a 1/2.7 inch high-sensitive CMOS chip and digital HD image processor, and a 750TVL TVL that provides a sharp and clear image during both day and night. Additionally, the camera comes with an excellent colorful night vision feature, with 7 LED lights that automatically turn on in low-light areas and turn off in bright-light areas, providing a clear image in any lighting condition.

This camera also has a guide line on/off feature that allows drivers to DIY the guide line for parking assistance. The GLK License Plate Backup Camera is equipped with a full glue-filling waterproof process, which is the latest artwork designed to prevent water from entering the camera. The camera’s image flip feature allows drivers to use it as a front camera as well.

GLK License Plate Backup Camera is a high-quality, durable, and reliable product that provides drivers with clear and sharp images, making it easier to reverse and park their cars safely. It is also easy to install and comes with a user manual and installation videos. With its advanced features, including its waterproof design and wide-angle view, this product is a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s safety features.

Amazon customer rating

This product has been rated with a 3.3/5 score by Amazon customers.

Note: ratings are updated periodically and may not accurately reflect current product ratings.

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