Ardwolf Fingerprint Door Lock


Ardwolf A10 Fingerprint Door Lock is a keyless entry smart lock that allows users to unlock their door with a fingerprint, code, or key. It has a large capacity of 256 fingerprints and 300 user-defined codes.

The lock is easy to use and has an OLED display that guides users through the process of adding or deleting users. Its double verification mode increases the security level, and it comes with a one-year after-sales service and US local repair service.

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Brand: Ardwolf


Ardwolf A10 Fingerprint Door Lock is a reliable and secure biometric lock system designed to provide convenient access to your home or office. With its double verification mode, the lock provides added security and can be unlocked using user code + fingerprint or fingerprint + different fingerprint. The OLED display allows for easy user management, and the audit trail feature lets you track entry records.

The lock has a large capacity of up to 256 fingerprints and 300 user-defined codes, making it perfect for large families or offices. It also includes two mechanical keys for backup.

This biometric lock has an easy-to-use touch active sensor that allows for quick fingerprint entry. It also features a beeper sound turn-off option and supports passage mode. The memory function ensures that enrolled fingerprints and user codes are not lost during power outages or system resets. The OLED display shows battery level and low battery alerts, and the lock can be powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries or an additional 9V battery.

The Ardwolf A10 lock has a reversible handle and a heavy-duty construction design. It fits door thicknesses between 1-3/8” and 2-3/8” and has an adjustable backset of 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”. The lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, code, or key, and has the ability to delete individual fingerprint users and user codes. The lock is also self-learning, meaning the fingerprint template is updated after every fingerprint entry.

Ardwolf provides one year of after-sales service and US local repair service for the lock, ensuring that you receive quality service and support. Overall, the Ardwolf A10 Fingerprint Door Lock is a reliable and secure option for those seeking a keyless and convenient entry system for their home or office.

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