Pebblebee is a company that creates various products such as the Pebblebee Card and Clip which are both rechargeable item trackers that work with both Android and iOS. The device’s rechargeable batteries are built for the modern world and each device is designed by aerospace engineers to serve a specific purpose.

With the Pebblebee app, users can track everything that’s important to them in one central hub, creating geofencing boundaries for their gear and getting alerted if it leaves. The app also alerts users when their things go missing, without any subscription fees for location history.

Pebblebee products are not limited to just personal items, they can also be used for pets, cars, and luggage making it a great investment for those who tend to lose things easily.

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About Pebble Bee


Pebblebee is a technology company that offers a range of products designed to help people keep track of their valuable items. Their products are made for the modern world and all rechargeable, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries. The company offers the Pebblebee app, which acts as a central hub for your gear and allows you to track everything that’s important to you.

One of the most notable features of Pebblebee products is the range they offer. With a Bluetooth range of up to 500 feet from your mobile device, you can keep track of your items from a considerable distance. The devices emit a loud buzzer when prompted, making it easy to find your things.

Pebblebee products also come with geofencing capabilities, which allow you to create boundaries for your gear. If your items leave these boundaries, you’ll receive an alert on your phone. The company offers two devices, the Pebblebee Card and the Pebblebee Clip, both of which can be used with either the Apple Find My app or the Pebblebee app.

There are no subscription fees for location history, and you’ll receive an alert when your things go missing. This feature is particularly useful for busy people who tend to forget where they’ve placed their items. The company’s products are also great for parents who want to keep track of their children’s school bags or for individuals who frequently misplace their keys or water bottles.

Each of Pebblebee’s products is designed by aerospace engineers to serve a specific purpose. They have a thin profile and a modern design, with bright LED lights and a matte black finish.

Pebblebee Clip, the stainless steel keychain attachment makes it easy to attach the products to your items.

In addition to the Pebblebee Clip, the Pebblebee Card is another useful item tracker that can help keep track of your valuables. As a sleek and slim device, the Pebblebee Card can be easily placed in wallets, pockets, or other tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for keeping track of important items like credit cards or IDs. Built from durable industrial plastic, it’s designed to withstand daily wear and tear. When you need to locate the Pebblebee Card, simply send a signal from your phone and it will emit a loud melody, making it easy to find. With the Pebblebee Card, you can have peace of mind knowing that your important items are always within reach.

Pebblebee’s products are a great investment for anyone looking to keep track of their valuable items, and the Pebblebee app makes it easy to do so.

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